Peter Prjevara works as a Senior Security Engineer and is one of Solvinity’s IT Security experts. And because at Solvinity, development never stops, he is always on the lookout for interesting courses to enhance his knowledge. The SANS Institute, a well-known institution in cybersecurity that provides excellent training to cybersecurity experts and has close ties with the industry. Peter discussed this with his manager during his yearly review meeting. They jointly decided on SEC555: SIEM with Tactical Analysis from the repertoire of SANS.

Peter decided to apply for the SANS WorkStudy program, a competitive program that allowed him to contribute to the selected course by working closely together with the course instructor and the candidates to deliver the course. Entering the WorkStudy programme enhanced his learning experience and created a close working relationship with the candidates and the instructor.

Peter got accepted to the program. It required some balancing between work and program, but he received full cooperation from his team, his manager and Solvinity.

The course was very interesting, and he did not only learn a lot, because of good collaboration with the students, Peter’s team won the international community CTF (Capture the Flag tournament) of SANS that week. He also received an additional medal from his instructor in recognition of his work ethics.

“It was a heartwarming and empowering experience that would not have been possible without the support of my colleagues and my boss: a great example on how we collaborate at Solvinity day-to-day.”

Peter Prjevara

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