It is important that Solvineers know what the customer is doing, but also what is going on in the IT sector. At Solvinity, we therefore offer various training courses. It’s important for an employee to know that he’s not on his own, but that we’re all in it together.


Changes in the cloud environment are exciting and fun. By working with new techniques, employees are continuously challenged, which constantly creates a new dynamic. As a result, the development of employees never stops, and as Team Manager, Marten-Jan works with employees on their personal growth. Solvinity gives you plenty of opportunities. For employees who spot and utilise those opportunities, the possibilities are endless.

We do that together, as a team. If you get stuck, you can always ask a colleague to help you get back on track. Every day is different, with new technologies created every day. As a senior, you are encouraged to transfer your knowledge and help raise your colleagues to the same level. That’s how a strong team is created.

Marten Jan Geelhoed is a Team Manager at Solvinity.