Read our excellent terms of employment

Commitment and integrity are part of our DNA – not only when it comes to our customers, but also in the way we work with our Solvineers: we like to invest in long and meaningful relationships. Long lasting collaborations need to be kept fresh and alive, which is why we pay a lot of attention to personal development in our employment and working conditions:

A respectable salary. What we offer you will certainly be competitive. More important to us is that you get what you are worth, so you don’t feel you have to deliver more than you can handle, yet will still have the opportunity to grow if you think you are ready to do so.

A pleasant and healthy working environment. If you work together for longer periods of time, you are bound to share profound experiences – some great, some less so. You may get sick, your living conditions may change, your family may grow or your kids are leaving the nest. Your dynamic job can be a real challenge sometimes. We like to make sure that our people are fit and healthy. Which is why we have created a vitality budget that allows for sports or other activities that stimulate a healthy lifestyle. We also offer chair massages and will help you find external assistance should you need it, such as a labor psychologist or a social worker.

More importantly: you will be working in a team, and as a team, we will support each other. If you have a child that needs to go to the hospital, we will make sure that you can do that, without having to file for permission at two weeks’ notice.

A continuous learning experience. Of course you can follow courses to keep up with your discipline, as you should. But we also encourage you to look beyond your personal expertise. You may want to challenge yourself with a workshop on the basics of business finance, while you’re a hardcore engineer. If you think that it will make you a better Solvineer, we’ll gladly support you. Once you’ve worked for us for two years, you’ll have access to an additional budget of 1.000 euros a year, on top of your regular training budget.

An ethical work environment. Integrity is more than a legal matter to us – it’s a way of life. Not only our customers must be able to trust us, but also our colleagues. Of course this means you are not allowed to hack into our customers servers (unless it’s part of an approved security test), but it also means we want our Solvineers to feel free to, should they fail, address it immediately with the team. Failing is allowed – reporting it is mandatory. That’s the best way for all of us to learn and hone our skills and expertise.

Of course, there’s lots more to say about our extensive terms of employment, but these are the things that are most important to us. If you have any specific wishes, demands or expectations, please don’t hesitate to talk to us. We aim to get the best out of our people and appreciate any effort to help us do just that.

I’m looking forward to your application!

Doreen Riensema

Manager HR