For almost a year and a half now, Corona has had the world in its grip. Like most people, Solvineers work from home as much as possible. That requires quite a bit of adaptability from employees and employers. Solvinity is a company where ‘doing it together’ is of paramount importance. That is why a lot of attention is paid to connecting people, especially when working remotely. The onboarding of new employees has a high priority.

In service during Corona
Tom Smits started working as a junior Engineer during the Corona period. On July 1, 2020. But he was already familiar with the culture of Solvinity because of 2 years of internship that he did in 2 terms. During this internship he developed a new customer portal within Solvinity, focused on reporting and self-service. After his employment, Tom continued to develop this portal as a full stack DevOps engineer. He is also involved in the management and development of Solvinity’s ServiceNow environment. ‘The nice thing about my job is that I am working on something completely new within the organisation. I automate certain standard tasks that recur every month, which means that it takes much less time and overhead. In addition, I come into contact with all possible business processes and workflows within Solvinity and I can contribute to improving them’. As a junior within the team, Tom was well received by colleagues Pascal and Ruben, both with considerable experience. “It’s good to notice that my ideas and opinions are also being listened to.”

Tour of Solvinity
“I was already toying with the idea of ​​a relay race between the 4 Solvinity offices. When our HR Director called for initiatives that could strengthen the mutual connection, I shared my idea. This was immediately received with great enthusiasm. I am still amazed at how much help and resources became available to organize the Tour of Solvinity.” On Saturday 29 May, 57 Solvineers took part in the first Tour of Solvinity, on foot, running or cycling, connecting the 4 Solvinity offices in Assen, Amersfoort, Amsterdam and Den Bosch.In total, 1084 kilometers have been covered. These kilometers were doubled in Euro’s by Solvinity for the benefit of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture.

Fit organization
Tom also notices in his work that there is room for own initiative, provided it is well substantiated of course. “It doesn’t matter what field or level you work in. If you come up with a good plan, you will always find a listening ear. I didn’t have that much work experience yet, during my internships I quickly noticed that this is not obvious everywhere. Solvinity really makes a difference here. There is also a lot of attention for sports and health. For example, there is a shared Strava group and we have a personal vitality budget that we can spend annually on sporting activities or necessities. Great, isn’t it?!’