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Become a Solvineer

Become a Solvineer

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"If you want to keep growing you need to keep learning!"

Dennis Storm, Linux Engineer

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Working at Solvinity

At Solvinity we believe in ‘software defined’ and focus primarily on cloud, security, workspace and analytics. But it does not stop there. The technology is constantly changing and so we always look ahead. Together with our partners, we develop practical, powerful and effective innovations. With our solutions we seek the limits of technology without losing sight of the business of our customers. In this way we build a close collaboration in which we continue to grow together with our clients. There are now over 300 enthusiastic and eager to learn ‘Solvineers’, one of the largest providers of high-quality hosting and office automation solutions in the Netherlands. Our people are IT hosting specialists with an inquisitive, critical, ‘smart’ and coaching attitude. But a Solvineer also has soft skills such as empathy and collegiality: we are all-round team players and close colleagues. If you want to develop in the full width and depth, you have come to the right place.




A day in the life of a Solvineer

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Challenging customers

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Solvinity behind the scenes

Behind the scenes
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Development never stops

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Secure by Design


Question 1

A customer has come up with some requirements that you know you won’t be able to meet. What do you do?


Question 2

A customer wants to implement a solution that you have recommended in the past. By now, you know that better alternatives are available. What do you do?


Question 3

Your customer knows where he wants to be, but seems to have a hazy view of how to get there. What do you do?


Question 4

You promised a loyal client that you’d deliver this week, but it’s 4PM on a Friday and they just emailed you some extra requirements. What do you do?

Hong Bredenoord

Are you still there? Great! Get in touch!

The core values of Solvinity are integrity, expertise, creativity and commitment. We take pride in our expertise and are very aware of the responsibility that comes with it. But we also genuinely enjoy coming up with great, smart and creative solutions that really help our customers. If you think you could work in a team like that, please take a look at our job openings, because we’d really like to meet you.



Challenging opportunities for new Solvineers

ServiceNow Developer

Job description

You know everything about management, but you are also at home in user experience and simplicity. The question is not whether you want to continue in engineering, but how you are going to do that!

What does a Solvineer do?

What does a ServiceNow Developer do at Solvinity?

ServiceNow is the central application for all departments within Solvinity. As a Developer you are primarily the technical specialist for management and addition of functionalities within our ServiceNow application, you are the developer. Using User Stories, you translate the wishes of the business from the architectural model into a functional and technical design. You process these designs yourself or together with your colleague administrators in the design and parameterization of the application. You also identify yourself when there are new needs or bottlenecks, you contribute to improvement proposals and you perform the first tests. As a ServiceNow Technical Administrator, you get your satisfaction and added value from facilitating the daily work of almost all Solvineers. You report to the Manager Platform Engineering.

Your growth

You are developing more and more as someone who is at the forefront of developing the user experience of our customers. In doing so, you bring focus and you are increasingly able to manage the large group of key users, both within Solvinity and at customers and suppliers, each with their own opinion and priority. The complexity of the applications you develop on the platform is increasing. Who knows, you might soon build your own platform! We, in turn, keep you on your toes with current courses and training.


This is you, with

  • Knowledge of/and work experience with ITIL;
  • You have HBO/WO work and thinking level;
  • Experience with ServiceNow, Javascript, Angular, HTML and REST;
  • Passionate about optimizing the User Experience;
  • You speak and write very well Dutch and English;
  • You feel at home in a technical working environment;
  • You like to collaborate informally, while achieving top results.

About Solvinity

Solvinity one of the largest providers of SecureManaged IT Services in the Netherlands. We support organizations with high security requirements in their digital transformation with innovative, customer-oriented IT solutions in cloud, outsourcing, managed hosting and Lango Workspace. In addition, we provide CI / CD, container technology and "Stretched" DevSecOps solutions for software developers. Using the latest technologies, we transform, manage and secure company-critical data and applications for leading customers such as (national) government, municipalities, TNO, TransLink (OV-chipkaart), INGenONVZ. This is how we ensure that these organizations can focus on their core activities. Our services have an impact on people, organizations, and in many cases our society. This consciousness is in everything we do. Based on our core values ​​of dedication, creativity, expertise and integrity, we build a close collaboration on a daily basis in which we continue to grow, together with our customers. With more than 300 Solvineersen branches in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Assen and Den Bosch, we achieved an annual turnover of 50 million euros in 2020.

For more information, visit www.solvinity.nl, or follow Solvinity on Twitter and LinkedIn.

How can you contact us?

Do we fit together? Would you like to convince us? Call our recruitment specialist Kees Heerschap on 020-3643600 or email him at recruitment@solvinity.com

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Senior DevOps Engineer

Job description

For our customers and their problems you have to go into considerable depth and you therefore need technical knowledge. You are analytically strong, can maintain overview and are not afraid to learn every day.

As an employee at Solvinity you are not a number, but an essential part of a well-oiled machine. The team of engineers you are part of is praised by our customers; this is not only due to the informal and personal way in which we communicate with our customers, but also because of the technically high-quality solutions we provide.


This is you
You are an expert in Linux - but your knowledge of databases, ansible, docker and web servers and containers is also solid. The question is not whether you want to continue in engineering, but how you are going to do that. You will certainly develop your skillset further, because as a Solvineer you can do that

What does a Solvineer do?
An engineer's day at Solvinity is filled with challenging tasks like a nice mix of design and management. You work in a dedicated customer team of about ten people and you are responsible from start to finish for a set of customers with very diverse environments. You manage and configure customer environments from application servers to databases and ensure that everything runs smoothly. You help other engineers and at the same time learn from colleagues who know more about Azure, for example.

Many of our customers want to release, so we apply CI/CD and Micro Services Architectures based on containers. We take customers who are not yet that far in this area on the journey to DevOps, CI/CD, containers and (public) cloud technology.

Your growth

You run large projects, which are becoming complexer and that have more impact for customers. You develop by going in depth with customers, software suppliers and of course your colleagues. We keep you on your toes with current courses and training.


Wat verwachten we van jou?

  • You have at least 5+ years experience as an engineer in an Enterprise environment;
  • You have an HBO-WO thinking level;
  • You have experience with Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible and Puppet;
  • You are interested in developing CI/CD solutions and in security and network provision eg Palo Alto and F5;
  • You like to discuss technology, innovations and smart solutions with colleagues and customers;
  • You independently carry out (customer) projects and prepare technical documentation;
  • You also enjoy working within an agile team. Standups and retros are a way of life for you;
  • You are a result-oriented team player with integrity, expertise and a high dose of creativity

bout Solvinity

Solvinity develops innovative customer-oriented IT solutions and offers companies with high security requirements secure access to the private, public and hybrid cloud. Solvinity specialises in cloud services for managed hosting, analytics, workplace and security. Based on the principle 'secure and compliant by design', Solvinity is certified on the basis of international and national standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISAE 3402 type II, SOC 2 and NEN 7510. Every year the company participates in the Giarte Outsourcing Performance research and has scored above 90% for years. Solvinity works for central and local governments, TNO, Trans Link Systems (OV chip card), ING Bank, Nationale Nederlanden, Rabobank, Ahold and ICS Cards, among others. The annual turnover amounted to 46.8 million euros in 2018. There are over 300 employees in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.solvinity.nl or follow Solvinity on Twitter and LinkedIn

How can we get in touch?

Are we a match? Would you like to convince us that we are? Then please call our Recruitment Specialist Kees Heerschap on +31 (0)20 364 3600.

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Passionate people

People are the heart and soul of Solvinity. We encourage our people to keep growing and to be a conscious part of a whole that is greater than the sum of all. Four core values define to us what it means to be a Solvineer: Creativity, which makes us adaptable to change, and open to the needs and wishes of our customers. We constantly improve the products we deliver, but also the way we work: smarter, not harder. Expertise, because we should always be in touch with the latest developments in our fields. We want to make decisions from wisdom, not just knowledge. Integrity,  because we want to treat our customers like we want to be treated ourselves: with respect, honesty and transparency. Commitment, because we take responsibility with pride. We all want to be proud of the things we do and deliver, and expect the same dedication from our team.

Solvinity Values ns

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