Graduation, a six months period in which you will be working on completing your studies. You will discover whether this field is your ‘cup of tea’, whether this is a type of organization where you can picture yourself working and whether the chosen subject really is interesting enough for you to further develop. It is exciting and choosing a graduation place can be a difficult choice, but when you walk in you quickly notice if this is the right place for you. For me, it was!

When you do an internship at Solvinity, they will create an assignment that suits you. That was the decisive factor for me to choose for Solvinity: they were putting my development central. During my first meetings, I could express my interests and I even had a choice between several subjects. My studies (Communications) and interest in marketing left me with many directions to go. Over the past six months, I devoted myself to analyzing how Solvinity can improve customer satisfaction (customer experience). I had a lot of contact with Solvineers of all layers in the organization and I also interviewed several customers to do so, what resulted in a Customer Journey that I set up for the company.

A background in IT can be useful, but is not necessary. As I didn’t have an IT background myself, I learned a lot in a short period of time. As an (graduate) intern will be able to really dive into your subject and will have plenty of time to work on your own research. You can cooperate if you wish, but I chose to focus on doing research and writing an advice. If you have any questions, colleagues are happy to help you; from familiarizing you with your online workplace to arranging interviews with customers.

In the past six months I have been able to learn a lot about the business world, trusting on your own qualities, meeting inspiring colleagues and keeping control of your own “project”. If you want to roll up your sleeves and enjoy fun, Solvinity is the right place for you! And no unimportant, your graduation project is really being implemented (instead hidden away and not mentioned again). I think that is what I am most proud of: that I was able to add something instead of just passing my graduation assignment.

The best about my graduation period at Solvinity were the events where I could get to know my colleagues. For example, on day 2 we already visited a data center, which immediately gave me a better sense of the often abstract IT field. Nor will I soon forget the annual event. It was so cool to get to know a lot of Solvineers in a short time that you would otherwise not meet so quickly. Also the outings from the Client Relations department, with the marketing team or the regular Vrijmibo’s (Friday afternoon drinks) have contributed to a memorable time!

Evy Boonman, graduation period February 2020-June 2020, education HBO Communication in Nijmegen, graduation assignment at the marketing department of Solvinity.